Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A trip to God’s Own Country - kerala

Kerala, is such a beautiful place that you would love to visit the place again and again. Not only the scenic beauty, but the atmosphere, weather and tradition is awesome. You can visit Kerala for having an amazing vacation by experiencing Kerala Backwaters, Kerala Wildlife, Kerala Beaches, Kerala Culture and its Ayurveda. If there is lot of things to visit and to do at one place, then why not it would be a perfect tourist spot?

Coming first to Kerala Backwaters, they are the astounding experience of Kerala. The place has a line of lakes, canals and rivers which spreads through the entire land. These backwaters make the city unique as you would not find this any where else in the world. The most enjoyable backwater destinations in Kerala are Kollam, Kumarakom and Kozhikode. You will have a rewarding and wonderful experience here. The lagoons of these places have a stunning view as they are fringed by coconut trees and these views are described in almost every travel book in the whole world. You can stay in a kettuvallam means on a houseboat which will take you to visit and experience through the lagoons and waterways. Really, it is such a nice experience, that your journey to Kerala is incomplete without riding a kettuvallam.

What to say about Kerala’s wild life? There are a number of mind blowing wild life sanctuaries and National Parks in the state. These national parks and sanctuaries are created to protect the trees, jungle and a number of animals living here. The flora or forest of Kerala is as exclusive as the wild life of the state. It depicts the social life, tradition and culture of Kerala as well. The main elephant in Kerala is Elephant. You can take it as the symbol of Kerala. The main wild life sanctuaries and national parks you can visit here are Periyar Tiger Reserve, Ernakulam National Park and Silent Valley National Park etc.

Kerala Beaches are one of the best beach locations India has. These silvery beaches with coconut trees and blue green sea make the land heaven. That is why Kerala is known to be God’s Own Country. Mainly, these beaches are divided in to two parts, north and south beaches of Kerala. North beaches of Kerala are so very untouched giving you a chance to explore and experience the originality of nature. They are gorgeous, pure and calm and not that much crowded. You can found these beaches in Kannur and Kasargod. On the other hand, Alleppey, Varkala, Cherai and Kovalam are some of the famous south beaches. These beaches provide you some water adventure as well. You can experience paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, river rafting and canoeing etc.

You will find that the state has a unique culture. The culture of Kerala is influenced by western and eastern tradition giving it a unique art, dance, music, culture, tradition and a very rare philosophy. The famous dance styles of Kerala are Kathakali and Mohiniyattam.

Kerala also provides a very refreshing treat for your mind, body and soul by some very rare ayurveda therapies. These therapies are special and particular for typical ailments like body ailments, high cholesterol level etc. Now, you can yourself judge what all you can achieve in your Kerala tour.

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