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Kovalam- The Tranquil Beach of God's Own Country

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam is one of the most renowned beaches in India. It is an asset to the state Kerala, which is a south western state in India, located on the Malabar Coast. Kerala is blessed with 600 km long beach line, which is freckled with the most tranquil and finest beaches, it is also famous as green paradise and one of the preferableplace for best holidays in the lap of nature. These beaches are tepid, appealing and opulent and that is why they invite large amount of tourists from all over the world. Pristine beaches with the beauty of cerulean sea, silver sand and glistering sun make it a real paradise on earth and Kovalam beach is a small paradise in this paradise.
Sun Set At Kovalam

The dramatic setting of the beach witnesses thousands of tourists from different part of earth. The beach is very clean, calm and safe and that is why gives you a memorable holiday. Located about 16 km away from the capital, Thiruvananthapuram, Kovalam is created by three semi-circular shaped beaches, which are separated by stony terrain. 

Light House Beach
The beach which is largest in size has a light house, which is about 35 meter in height and located at Kurumsal hill and that is why known as Light house beach, the second largest beach is named as Hawah Beach and the smallest beach is known as Samudra Beach. Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach are famous for the sandy stretches where you can go for a leisure walk. 

Hawah Beach
Samudra beach is suitable for laid-back travelers, and the Hawah Beach is very energetic. You can see many fishermen leaving for the sea from this beach. There are various souvenir shops on the three beaches where you can buy some good stuff for you or your loved ones. Kovalam was once a well-known joint of hippies and now is home for traditional villagers. Foreigners love to spend their holidays here. The place is also famous for a dose of sun tan and beautiful scenic views. Kovalam means the Grove of coconut trees and so as the place is. You will see the long queues of coconut trees on the silvery beach lined by the deep-blue sea under the clear sky.

The quiet water of the ocean makes Kovalam an ideal place for swimming. The soft blowing wind and sea waves coming to the beach slowly make it a tranquil place to relax. You can walk for about 100 meters into the sea and still there would be ground below your feet. You can see stunning coral reefs and several coastal regions there. There are various sports activities which you can select from like snorkeling, kayaking, paragliding and scuba diving, etc. You can also take a ride to the most powerful relaxing and healing therapy in the world, Ayurveda. Kerala is known worldwide as most famous Ayurveda and spa destination. You can experience a relaxing ayurvedic massage on the Kovalam Beach. A spa or massage will act as a cherry on the cake for your soothing and comforting holidays.

A Pristine Beach Of Kovalam
As Kerala is one of the best rural places of India. With gorgeous landscapes and pristine beaches, you can blissfully spend your vacation here. No matter which place you choose for stay, you must-visit Kovalam Beach once, and you will surely come again to experience the amazing time you spent here. Kovalam visit can only best significant of KeralaTrip. Visit Kovalam Beach and realize the real beauty of God’s Own Country.
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Experience the Amazing Kerala Backwater Tourism

This amazing backwater tourism is the major attraction of Kerala. These man-made backwaters consist of 38 rivers and 5 big lakes, which runs from one end to another in the city. Houseboat facility is another attraction in this region that runs only on some specific lakes. Local people use these houseboats to trade articles from one place to another. Considering, increasing percentage of tourist and inflation, residents of this place now become started to use these boats commercially.

To experience this unique trip, domestic as well as international travelers regularly moves towards this place. The prime rivers of the city, flows within Kerala drain themselves towards backwater regions, which create several small lagoons, land strips and islands, and links with some areas of sea; therefore, they have become the source of marine habitat and freshwater. Starting the Kerala backwater tour with houseboats in the evening brings serenity and leaves you in the world of peace.

Kerala Has 3 Backwater Regions: These three regions consist of several backwater lakes but among them, Vembanad, Astamudi and Kannur-Valiyaparambu lakes are renowned.

1. Vembanad Backwater

Vembanad backwater; located in Kumarakom region is counted the longest lake in South Asia. Kerala houseboat, in the heart of the Vembanad Lake is popular among the tourists and aslo the most availing houseboat package. These boats are constructed with modern amenities and experience a traditional tour. You can also book these boats in advance for a few days if you want to experience luxuriousness amidst the water. The lake is famous for outstanding natural beauty and boat cruise, and one of the favorite picnic spots in Kerala. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, the home of several migratory birds is one another must-visit destination, which you can also explore during your holiday.

2. Ashtamudi Backwaters

Ashtamudi, the second largest lake in Kerala, is situated in Kollam district; famous for the Chinese fishing net. The lake has eight significant channels and therefore, regarded as Ashtamudhi. This freshwater lake is interconnected with many canals of south Kerala and is the home of many endangered marine species. The tranquil water of Astamudi, always inspires writers and artists, and help to find out their desired world.

3. Kannur-Valiyaparambu Backwaters

Kannur-Valiyaparambu, the largest lake of North Kerala, is located in Kannur and Kasaragod district. The least exploited land is loaded with range of medicinal plants, which are used to cure some deadly diseases. The merge of five rivers into Valiyaparamba backwaters, has made it the third largest lake in the state. Thejaswini River, which is situated at a small distance from Kannur-Valiyaparambu, is the great place for the rafting enthusiasts. You can experience both 2 and 3 class of rafting, depending upon your mood.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A wonderful Festival Tour in Thrissur Kerala

The southern states of India always grasp the higher rank for its vibrant tradition. Each part has some uniqueness in its tradition, which entices lots of people to its land throughout the year. Thrissur is a small city of Kerala; famous for its temples churches and many festivals. Among all the festivals, Thrissur Pooram festival is the renowned one and each year in the month of April/May all people celebrate this moment gorgeously at Vadakkumnathan temple. Decorated elephants possess the entire road and start their procession from several neighboring temples. Traditional songs, dances, firework and miraculous competition continue during the procession, which will never allow you to close down your eyes for a single moment. 

At noon, Pooram starts another great event with the setting of the 'Pandemelam', where a large numbers of artists participate in the disciplines of drum, pipes, trumpets and cymbal. The grand finale of this festival is marked with a function of bidding farewell to the divinity of the Paramekkavu Devaswams and Thiruvambadi in front of the Western Gate of the Vadakkunnathan Temple.

Thrissur Pooram is completely a different festival than any other festivals in India that you have experienced ever before. This festival lasts for 2 days and within these days the temple town turns into a town of music, color and mirth. What could be the better option to know about the unique culture of Kerala rather than visiting the state at odd time? Boost your level of excitement participating in Thrissur Pooram festival during your Kerala tour and make your tours in India a memorable one.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Exotic Temple Tour In Kerala

Come to Kerala, “God’s Own Country”, to visit its magnificent and unexplored temples. The unique and the great architectural work on Kerala Temples always spread its beauty as well as its popularity all over the world. Therefore, devotees from all round the corner reach to Kerala throughout the year to pay their tribute and homage to the divinity. Kerala tours for temple could be the most significant journey for one’s life which can instantly bring the heavenly peace to one’s life. The state is dotted with so many temples of several gods which are holding the beauty of the sacred place.

The exceptional characteristic of Kerala Temple is its rituals, structure, offerings, customs and traditions which are fairly different from other temples of South India. The temples of Kerala are very unique by their shape and decoration; some are huge and richly decorated while some other are tiny with simple decors and outlay.

Visiting Kerala for 5-6 days is not enough to view all of its wonderful picturesque. Kerala holiday packages are planned for a longer period of time so that its natural beauty along with its religious places can easily be explored which also give value to your money.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Explore Your Best Holiday in Kerala: A Green Holiday

Holidays are one of the best alternatives by which one can refresh their mind and be back from some wonderful sites with some memorable moments. If you are really thinking to take a break and looking for a mind refreshing holiday, you can move to the God’s most beautiful paradise Kerala, where sea, land and sky come together in a blend of elements and where real natural beauty takes breath.

The land of Kerala is enriched with lots of herbs and spices and because of the availability of such Ayurvedic herbs they are mostly used in massage and therapeutic purposes. Preferring spa treatments on the backwaters of Kerala makes the treatment effective and peaceful. Returning from this divine place without experiencing its spa treatment will be most disappointing moments for anyone. Isn’t it?

Its floating boat house facility never let you feel about the normal hotels as it provides all types of food amenities and living facilities over the boat in a reasonable price. This facility will surely compel you to visit Kerala once again. 

The palm trees dotted on the bank of the sandy beaches is the great attraction for the tourists which could be a great place for relaxation. Taking a safari tour to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary will be a great entertaining time for the wildlife lovers and adventure lovers which will definitely allow them to do some exciting activity over there. If this does not interest you, then you can practice yoga in the hike of the cool mountains. You can make you holiday trip to Kerala more interesting approaching to some active travel agent who can guide you in a better way to your trip by availing all the required accommodation over there.

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Spa Travel Locations in Kerala

Kerala is also known as God’s Own Country by the scenic beauty that is has to offer. This is also known as the spa travel location of the country. The land in this state is so rich and fertile that is has been the home of well known medicinal herbs and spices. Due to this growth, these herbs are used extensively in massages for healing as well as relaxing purposes. Some of the diseases can be healed with the help of spa therapy offered in this place. Many people visit the place to get their treatments done.

The herbs are made to medicated oil after long procedures of drying, soaking, etc. There are time periods for each of the herbs to medicate the oils and have to be kept for such long periods. Many people use these oils for the hair, body and other treatments. Each and every body problem, external or internal will have a treatment process in this type of treatment. This is world famous as Ayurvedic medication. Some of these herbs are also taken orally in the form of powder or pastes.

The locations that you choose for these spa treatments should be very peaceful. The beaches are good options but the best ones are the backwaters of Kerala. Allepey is the best location having scenic beauty of backwaters tours along with the facilities of a boat house. People plan their entire stay on these boat houses as they are similar to the normal hotels that are available. The main attraction here is that the tourists will stay on water for the entire stay. The food and all other amenities will be provided on the boat house with a personal kitchen. The tourists also have the option of cooking for themselves.

Yoga and meditation are other parts of the treatments given in Kerala. The patient is also taught how to meditate and do yoga to get better results out of the treatments. As a complete package, one can choose to go for a yoga session along with spa massage thereafter. Any treatment in Kerala will end with a breath taking spa massage to remember for a lifetime. There are also spas for relaxation purposes. These spa treatments are made for all kinds of budgets. However the better packages will cost more depending on the general treatment that the travelers ask for. All these spa treatments have peaceful music at the background while the massages are going on. The main intention of these massages is to spread positive energy in the body through pressing of pressure points.

There are also many resorts available with some of the best spa massage facilities in the world. Opting for the resort package will include the massages in the cost too. This is a way to save on the budget and spend less. The food too is an attraction which is mainly sea food. The exotic sea food cuisine will leave you asking for more of the place and bring you back to it again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Specialities Of Kerala Tours

Keen to visit a place that is vibrant and beautiful with miles and miles of inviting Beaches, stretched taut over a lace edged coast. And wherever water can find place, it fills the inland giving rise to silent, sleepy backwaters fringed with trailing fingers of green. Not to forget the verdant hillsides brimming with bounties of nature, be it spices or fruits. In between, nestled amidst greenery are extremely beautiful and in sync with nature houses, gleaming with the warmth of polished wood-this is what Kerala Tourism is in a nutshell for you.

It has it all. The sun-kissed beaches on one hand and the exotic hill stations on the other, where almost suspended in time are the miles of sprawling tea plantations giving the area almost a picture-book town look with winding lanes and an intriguing mix of Cultures . While one is still marvelling and gushing about the abundance of nature, the richness of the wildlife reserves adds to the awe. No wonder then that a traveller planning a visit to Kerala finds it really difficult to pack it all in few days including trekking and cruising facilities; for it is this complete package which combines to make an enjoyable itinerary.

To begin with, Kerela Backwaters are no doubt the most visited destination of country. In fact, whoever has had the privilege of enjoying the luxury of air-conditioned boats, compare it with a heavenly feel. When the boat drifts slowly through the serene and lapping waves of the backwaters, it is difficult to say what sweeps the tourist off their feet-the beauty of the Kerala Houseboats , or the hospitality of the staff on board, or the surrounding ambience. Tourists are amazed to know that many of the water-channels in this network are even brackish lagoons and lakes, running parallel to the Arabian Sea coast in the southern region of the country. This network even includes five large lakes which are linked by man-made or natural canals that are in general taken care of by thirty-eight rivers that criss-cross almost half the length of Kerala.

Another attraction of Kerala is its Kerala Wildlife reserve teeming with life and small hill stations with undulating tea gardens. The Periyar is one of the many forests that is protected under Project Tiger as the range of the magnificent beast. Areas abundant grasslands also support a thriving elephant population as well as the deer, antelope and the lesser herbivorous that the tiger stalks. In the interior of the Nilgiri hills are the dense wooded slopes where there is rich wealth of wildlife including the spectacular and endangered lion-tailed macaque and Kerala Spa & Resorts . It is this richness that makes Kerala an ideal itinerary for those looking to leave the urban chaos behind and yearn to relax and breathe the clean, fresh air that blows in over the ocean. If aspiring for any of the above-mentioned delights then it is best to get in touch with Erco Travels who take pride in organizing tours that are among the best in the country.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kerala Tours - World Famous Destination For Spa & Ayurveda

Kerala is one state of India that is renowned for the manner in which people grow most of the commonly used spices in their kitchen garden. The land of the state is so fertile that it has the capacity to produce some of the most exotic herbs renowned for their medicinal properties. No wonder that over the years the people of Kerala have mastered the art of producing some extremely useful herbal oils, which are used by professional masseurs with stupendous results and has given the state the unparallel mastery in exotic holidays in spa and ayurveda mentioned a deeply engrossed Erco Travels agent to the clients visiting for some authentic information about this aspect of Kerala as a  Backwater Holiday destination.

The Erco Travels agent then went on to show some of the articles, testimonials and experiences of clients uploaded on Erco Travels website. He even made them speak to some of the former clients, who had deeply recommended this destination and had talked extensively about their experience. Quite obviously, Jamil and his wife were thoroughly convinced about the importance of spa and Ayurveda after this session and even had fair amount of information about how the combination of both-spa and ayurveda makes Kerala Tourism a potent force to reckon with.

The manner in which Erco Travels agent explained that the main components of any spa treatments are herbal oils and stuffs like honey, stones, mud and exotic flowers etc. was what made them all the more interested in the tour. It also became apparent to them that quite similar to the spa treatment, the ayurvedic spas of Kerala also offer excellent treatments for various long-term ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, gastro-intestinal problems and arthritis to name a few.

Apart from Kerala Spa, what attracted Jamil’s wife all the more was the mention of Yoga & Medication massages and detoxification programmes that invariably accompanied spa as a part of package deal. Whereas steam, sauna and jacuzzi baths etc. were common for ayurvedic spas.

They also got to read in various testimonials how it was the ambience of the spas that created such a soothing and calming effect on mind that it left everyone mesmerised and wanting for more. The gentle fragrance, the quiet and green surroundings far away from the maddening hubbub of daily routine accompanied by light instrumental music just ensured that even the most ruffled nerves were soothed along with uninterrupted flow of positive energy.

As a result people opting for such treatments, or Kerala’s spas as a destination invariably left totally rejuvenated and felt totally blessed after the experience. In fact realising the potential, this aspect of Kerala is also being promoted by Kerala government. However they also warn the travellers to opt for resorts offering such treatments via authentic and renowned travel agents to avoid getting stuck with places that do not have apt facilities for such destinations. So desire to know more about these luxurious destination of the world and desirous of having a wonderful time, just get in touch with us.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sojourn to the Natural Destinations in Kerala

Today, we are living in such a fast and mechanical world that we really need a vacation to refresh our mind, body and soul. That is why, we need such a place which is cool and calm in it and gives us the same environment and effect. Obviously, we cannot find a place better than the nature itself which is as natural and calm as the nature. And in India, Kerala is the only place which has amazing natural beauty and natural procedures of rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

Kerala is known as the God’s Own Country. It is situated between Lakshadweep Sea and Western Ghats. It has Karnataka to its north, Arabian Sea to its west and Tamilnadu to its east. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of the Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram means the city of Anantha. Anantha is a scared serpent having thousands of heads and this scared serpent is the couch of Lord Vishnu. The city is situated on seven hills, now serving as a commercial centre of Kerala. It is the main entrance in Kerala as it has the International airport making a direct entry for the visitors from all over the world.

Kerala is a state which is full of lush green meadows and coconuts. Each district of Kerala has a different specialty and is famous for their own characteristics. For e.g. Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala, Alappuzha is famous for its amazing backwaters, Kozhikode is famous for its old charm of the Golden Valley,Cochin is famous for Kerala backwaters , Thiruvananthapuram is famous for its magnificent Beaches. Kottayam is famous for its churches and Kovalam is famous for its museums and temples including the very famous Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple,

You will find an ethnic diversity in Kerala. The state holds a malayali community as well as a small number of Indo European migrants. So, you will find a blend of culture of Hindus, Islamic, Christian, Jain and Jewish people. An effect of such diversity with the additional effect of outside world has made Kerala a little bit cosmopolitan state. There are about 40 million people lives in this state. The main official language of the state is Malayalam. Obviously, a land with a number of different religions will give the state diversity in its Culture of Kerala as well. You will find ancient temples with later Islamic mosques and Portuguese Churches. Kerala Houseboats is famous for honeymoon couples and tourists. The main famous traditional dance is Kathakali and Mohiniyattam. There are some dramatic plays as well named as Koodiyattam etc.

Apart from Kerala tourism, state is very much in to agriculture. The main crops you will find here are cardamom, coconuts, pepper, tea, rubber and cashew nuts. People here are so hard working that small scale industry or the cottage industry are developing here. For e.g, weaving and processing of coconut fiber, poultry farming etc.

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An affordable journey to God’s own country - Kerala

Kerala is known as God’s own country in India. The place has a charm in its natural beauty which is worth seeing. As Kerala is in south India and south India is blessed with a superb flora and fauna. Every year a number of visitors visit the state for the lush green natural beauty of the place. Kerala has beautiful scenes or say picturesque beauty. The presence of tea plantation, spices plantations, beautiful hills and mountains, water studded clouds, deep and vast sea, ancient temples, Kerala Spa Resorts, beautiful Portuguese churches and buildings, amazing flora and fauna, aroma of aromatic oils, herbal oils and all the spices adds on to the positive points of the state which makes the place a perfect tourist spot. A lot of people come again and again every year to enjoy and experience the same charismatic beauty of Kerala.

You can enjoy this wonderful tour to Kerala in reasonable and affordable prices. There are many tourists company which offers different packages like Kerala honeymoon packages to visit Kerala depending upon your budget, your choice and the availability of the days for international as well as domestic travelers. By engaging with these holiday packages, you can experience all the pleasure of the tour in the best possible and systematic manner in your budget. You can avail all the facilities and chances available or offered in the package which you have selected. These packages are divided in to various sub packages like it has some fixed number of days and nights. For e.g., If you are opting for four days and three nights package, you will be planned to cover the maximum as you can in this time period in a best possible manner with all the facilities provided. You will be staying in good hotel with a good local catering and local staff would also be there to attend you. But the level of the services would be according to the package you have selected.

You can also go for a much costlier package, not as such a luxury package, but the one with more possible and many options. Here, the standard and number of the services provided would be little high. The rooms in which you will be staying also depend upon the package you have selected. These rooms will be specially designed according to your preference and necessity. Here again the catering or food will be amazing. You can enjoy the local food of Kerala or can demand for your native or any other recipe. Apart from your touring and visiting to various tourists spots, you will be planned for various other activities like water skiing, Backwater of kerala, paragliding, fishing and safari etc.

These different packages are specially designed according to the budget and necessity of the travelers. You will be travel according to the packages that you have selected. The prices of these packages are quite reasonable. However, there are some tariffs on these packages which you must check before coming to a decision. Taxes are generally not applicable on the charges of packages and they can also be adjusted according to the demand and need of the tourists.