Monday, February 24, 2014

Kovalam- The Tranquil Beach of God's Own Country

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam is one of the most renowned beaches in India. It is an asset to the state Kerala, which is a south western state in India, located on the Malabar Coast. Kerala is blessed with 600 km long beach line, which is freckled with the most tranquil and finest beaches, it is also famous as green paradise and one of the preferableplace for best holidays in the lap of nature. These beaches are tepid, appealing and opulent and that is why they invite large amount of tourists from all over the world. Pristine beaches with the beauty of cerulean sea, silver sand and glistering sun make it a real paradise on earth and Kovalam beach is a small paradise in this paradise.
Sun Set At Kovalam

The dramatic setting of the beach witnesses thousands of tourists from different part of earth. The beach is very clean, calm and safe and that is why gives you a memorable holiday. Located about 16 km away from the capital, Thiruvananthapuram, Kovalam is created by three semi-circular shaped beaches, which are separated by stony terrain. 

Light House Beach
The beach which is largest in size has a light house, which is about 35 meter in height and located at Kurumsal hill and that is why known as Light house beach, the second largest beach is named as Hawah Beach and the smallest beach is known as Samudra Beach. Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach are famous for the sandy stretches where you can go for a leisure walk. 

Hawah Beach
Samudra beach is suitable for laid-back travelers, and the Hawah Beach is very energetic. You can see many fishermen leaving for the sea from this beach. There are various souvenir shops on the three beaches where you can buy some good stuff for you or your loved ones. Kovalam was once a well-known joint of hippies and now is home for traditional villagers. Foreigners love to spend their holidays here. The place is also famous for a dose of sun tan and beautiful scenic views. Kovalam means the Grove of coconut trees and so as the place is. You will see the long queues of coconut trees on the silvery beach lined by the deep-blue sea under the clear sky.

The quiet water of the ocean makes Kovalam an ideal place for swimming. The soft blowing wind and sea waves coming to the beach slowly make it a tranquil place to relax. You can walk for about 100 meters into the sea and still there would be ground below your feet. You can see stunning coral reefs and several coastal regions there. There are various sports activities which you can select from like snorkeling, kayaking, paragliding and scuba diving, etc. You can also take a ride to the most powerful relaxing and healing therapy in the world, Ayurveda. Kerala is known worldwide as most famous Ayurveda and spa destination. You can experience a relaxing ayurvedic massage on the Kovalam Beach. A spa or massage will act as a cherry on the cake for your soothing and comforting holidays.

A Pristine Beach Of Kovalam
As Kerala is one of the best rural places of India. With gorgeous landscapes and pristine beaches, you can blissfully spend your vacation here. No matter which place you choose for stay, you must-visit Kovalam Beach once, and you will surely come again to experience the amazing time you spent here. Kovalam visit can only best significant of KeralaTrip. Visit Kovalam Beach and realize the real beauty of God’s Own Country.
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