Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An affordable journey to God’s own country - Kerala

Kerala is known as God’s own country in India. The place has a charm in its natural beauty which is worth seeing. As Kerala is in south India and south India is blessed with a superb flora and fauna. Every year a number of visitors visit the state for the lush green natural beauty of the place. Kerala has beautiful scenes or say picturesque beauty. The presence of tea plantation, spices plantations, beautiful hills and mountains, water studded clouds, deep and vast sea, ancient temples, Kerala Spa Resorts, beautiful Portuguese churches and buildings, amazing flora and fauna, aroma of aromatic oils, herbal oils and all the spices adds on to the positive points of the state which makes the place a perfect tourist spot. A lot of people come again and again every year to enjoy and experience the same charismatic beauty of Kerala.

You can enjoy this wonderful tour to Kerala in reasonable and affordable prices. There are many tourists company which offers different packages like Kerala honeymoon packages to visit Kerala depending upon your budget, your choice and the availability of the days for international as well as domestic travelers. By engaging with these holiday packages, you can experience all the pleasure of the tour in the best possible and systematic manner in your budget. You can avail all the facilities and chances available or offered in the package which you have selected. These packages are divided in to various sub packages like it has some fixed number of days and nights. For e.g., If you are opting for four days and three nights package, you will be planned to cover the maximum as you can in this time period in a best possible manner with all the facilities provided. You will be staying in good hotel with a good local catering and local staff would also be there to attend you. But the level of the services would be according to the package you have selected.

You can also go for a much costlier package, not as such a luxury package, but the one with more possible and many options. Here, the standard and number of the services provided would be little high. The rooms in which you will be staying also depend upon the package you have selected. These rooms will be specially designed according to your preference and necessity. Here again the catering or food will be amazing. You can enjoy the local food of Kerala or can demand for your native or any other recipe. Apart from your touring and visiting to various tourists spots, you will be planned for various other activities like water skiing, Backwater of kerala, paragliding, fishing and safari etc.

These different packages are specially designed according to the budget and necessity of the travelers. You will be travel according to the packages that you have selected. The prices of these packages are quite reasonable. However, there are some tariffs on these packages which you must check before coming to a decision. Taxes are generally not applicable on the charges of packages and they can also be adjusted according to the demand and need of the tourists.

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