Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Specialities Of Kerala Tours

Keen to visit a place that is vibrant and beautiful with miles and miles of inviting Beaches, stretched taut over a lace edged coast. And wherever water can find place, it fills the inland giving rise to silent, sleepy backwaters fringed with trailing fingers of green. Not to forget the verdant hillsides brimming with bounties of nature, be it spices or fruits. In between, nestled amidst greenery are extremely beautiful and in sync with nature houses, gleaming with the warmth of polished wood-this is what Kerala Tourism is in a nutshell for you.

It has it all. The sun-kissed beaches on one hand and the exotic hill stations on the other, where almost suspended in time are the miles of sprawling tea plantations giving the area almost a picture-book town look with winding lanes and an intriguing mix of Cultures . While one is still marvelling and gushing about the abundance of nature, the richness of the wildlife reserves adds to the awe. No wonder then that a traveller planning a visit to Kerala finds it really difficult to pack it all in few days including trekking and cruising facilities; for it is this complete package which combines to make an enjoyable itinerary.

To begin with, Kerela Backwaters are no doubt the most visited destination of country. In fact, whoever has had the privilege of enjoying the luxury of air-conditioned boats, compare it with a heavenly feel. When the boat drifts slowly through the serene and lapping waves of the backwaters, it is difficult to say what sweeps the tourist off their feet-the beauty of the Kerala Houseboats , or the hospitality of the staff on board, or the surrounding ambience. Tourists are amazed to know that many of the water-channels in this network are even brackish lagoons and lakes, running parallel to the Arabian Sea coast in the southern region of the country. This network even includes five large lakes which are linked by man-made or natural canals that are in general taken care of by thirty-eight rivers that criss-cross almost half the length of Kerala.

Another attraction of Kerala is its Kerala Wildlife reserve teeming with life and small hill stations with undulating tea gardens. The Periyar is one of the many forests that is protected under Project Tiger as the range of the magnificent beast. Areas abundant grasslands also support a thriving elephant population as well as the deer, antelope and the lesser herbivorous that the tiger stalks. In the interior of the Nilgiri hills are the dense wooded slopes where there is rich wealth of wildlife including the spectacular and endangered lion-tailed macaque and Kerala Spa & Resorts . It is this richness that makes Kerala an ideal itinerary for those looking to leave the urban chaos behind and yearn to relax and breathe the clean, fresh air that blows in over the ocean. If aspiring for any of the above-mentioned delights then it is best to get in touch with Erco Travels who take pride in organizing tours that are among the best in the country.

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