Friday, March 25, 2011

Kerala Tours - World Famous Destination For Spa & Ayurveda

Kerala is one state of India that is renowned for the manner in which people grow most of the commonly used spices in their kitchen garden. The land of the state is so fertile that it has the capacity to produce some of the most exotic herbs renowned for their medicinal properties. No wonder that over the years the people of Kerala have mastered the art of producing some extremely useful herbal oils, which are used by professional masseurs with stupendous results and has given the state the unparallel mastery in exotic holidays in spa and ayurveda mentioned a deeply engrossed Erco Travels agent to the clients visiting for some authentic information about this aspect of Kerala as a  Backwater Holiday destination.

The Erco Travels agent then went on to show some of the articles, testimonials and experiences of clients uploaded on Erco Travels website. He even made them speak to some of the former clients, who had deeply recommended this destination and had talked extensively about their experience. Quite obviously, Jamil and his wife were thoroughly convinced about the importance of spa and Ayurveda after this session and even had fair amount of information about how the combination of both-spa and ayurveda makes Kerala Tourism a potent force to reckon with.

The manner in which Erco Travels agent explained that the main components of any spa treatments are herbal oils and stuffs like honey, stones, mud and exotic flowers etc. was what made them all the more interested in the tour. It also became apparent to them that quite similar to the spa treatment, the ayurvedic spas of Kerala also offer excellent treatments for various long-term ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, gastro-intestinal problems and arthritis to name a few.

Apart from Kerala Spa, what attracted Jamil’s wife all the more was the mention of Yoga & Medication massages and detoxification programmes that invariably accompanied spa as a part of package deal. Whereas steam, sauna and jacuzzi baths etc. were common for ayurvedic spas.

They also got to read in various testimonials how it was the ambience of the spas that created such a soothing and calming effect on mind that it left everyone mesmerised and wanting for more. The gentle fragrance, the quiet and green surroundings far away from the maddening hubbub of daily routine accompanied by light instrumental music just ensured that even the most ruffled nerves were soothed along with uninterrupted flow of positive energy.

As a result people opting for such treatments, or Kerala’s spas as a destination invariably left totally rejuvenated and felt totally blessed after the experience. In fact realising the potential, this aspect of Kerala is also being promoted by Kerala government. However they also warn the travellers to opt for resorts offering such treatments via authentic and renowned travel agents to avoid getting stuck with places that do not have apt facilities for such destinations. So desire to know more about these luxurious destination of the world and desirous of having a wonderful time, just get in touch with us.

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