Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spa Travel Locations in Kerala

Kerala is also known as God’s Own Country by the scenic beauty that is has to offer. This is also known as the spa travel location of the country. The land in this state is so rich and fertile that is has been the home of well known medicinal herbs and spices. Due to this growth, these herbs are used extensively in massages for healing as well as relaxing purposes. Some of the diseases can be healed with the help of spa therapy offered in this place. Many people visit the place to get their treatments done.

The herbs are made to medicated oil after long procedures of drying, soaking, etc. There are time periods for each of the herbs to medicate the oils and have to be kept for such long periods. Many people use these oils for the hair, body and other treatments. Each and every body problem, external or internal will have a treatment process in this type of treatment. This is world famous as Ayurvedic medication. Some of these herbs are also taken orally in the form of powder or pastes.

The locations that you choose for these spa treatments should be very peaceful. The beaches are good options but the best ones are the backwaters of Kerala. Allepey is the best location having scenic beauty of backwaters tours along with the facilities of a boat house. People plan their entire stay on these boat houses as they are similar to the normal hotels that are available. The main attraction here is that the tourists will stay on water for the entire stay. The food and all other amenities will be provided on the boat house with a personal kitchen. The tourists also have the option of cooking for themselves.

Yoga and meditation are other parts of the treatments given in Kerala. The patient is also taught how to meditate and do yoga to get better results out of the treatments. As a complete package, one can choose to go for a yoga session along with spa massage thereafter. Any treatment in Kerala will end with a breath taking spa massage to remember for a lifetime. There are also spas for relaxation purposes. These spa treatments are made for all kinds of budgets. However the better packages will cost more depending on the general treatment that the travelers ask for. All these spa treatments have peaceful music at the background while the massages are going on. The main intention of these massages is to spread positive energy in the body through pressing of pressure points.

There are also many resorts available with some of the best spa massage facilities in the world. Opting for the resort package will include the massages in the cost too. This is a way to save on the budget and spend less. The food too is an attraction which is mainly sea food. The exotic sea food cuisine will leave you asking for more of the place and bring you back to it again.

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